Préleveur séquentiel de poussières en suspension – PARTISOL PLUS 2025i BaP
Instrument LCSQA
Compatible ECOMBOX
Category of product: 
Samplers gas/ particle
Air pollutant (dust, gas) sampling

The standard Thermo Partisol Plus sequential dust sampler has been modified to meet the exact requirements of the prEN 15449 standard without generating constraints of use or installation. This standard describes the airborne dust sampling method to determine the mass concentration of Benzo [a] pyrene in ambient air.

The standard Thermo Partisol Plus sequential dust sampler is generally used for the collection of PM-10 or PM-2.5 fractions, to measure the airborne dust mass concentrations or heavy metal concentrations. An internal filter sequencer can expose automatically up to 16 filters of a 47 mm diameter at a flow rate of 1 m3/h. 

The main feature of the Partisol Plus 2025i BaP is a Peltier cooler maintaining exposed filters at a temperature lower than 20°C.


  • The sampler must be equivalent to the PM-10 EN 12341 standard
  • The sampling time is 24 hours per filter
  • Individual samples collected over 24 hours can be combined and analysed simultaneously to obtain an average value (under certain conditions listed below)
  • Samples must be stored at a temperature below 20 ° C after sampling
  • Artefact minimisation, especially Ozone degradation 


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